Monday, April 13, 2009

For Ubermouth, Shelly, and Others Affected by the Fight Club: Remember Copernicus:)

Dedicated to Ubermouth, Shelly, Paula, Steph, Kevin and many others (even though long gone).

Before I get to the story that I hope will provide a bit of comfort, I have this last word of advice for Shelly: Don’t overthink it, honey…your first instincts were correct, as our first instincts usually are. You were right the first time; I was a whistleblower.

Someone named Paula tried to tell me some friends of ours considered themselves "internet hit men" that a rejected or jealous/competitive person could call upon to bully a person off the net.

I, too, thought she'd gone crazy and didn't believe her, dismissed it; especially the people she was claiming were involved…until one was called on ME.

When you saw through the original impersonations of me and posted about it publically they attacked YOU – which how they started with me.

If you mention them publically, particularly their real names, they WILL attack you, gaslight you, smear campaign around that you are crazy to discredit you, impersonate you and hack into your accounts.

Long ago, the last post I put on my now deleted blog was the story of Copernicus. In fact, whenever I'd delete my blog or move url's trying to move past this shit, Brian and the Fight Club would take over the old url, often leaving a reference to this particular post....which is very telling.... ;)

The legend of Copernicus…

Copernicus was often a hothead, but a brilliant scientist; a very sane, logical man. He discovered with a crude telescope (invented by Galileo) that the earth moved around the sun rather than vice versa.

Well, to publically say so was considered heresy at that time, by people that believed in mystical causes for events and were afraid to really take a look at how things actually were; they saw what they wanted to see, fully subscribing to the church's leaders and philosophy without question; so they scoffed at Copernicus and believed him insane.

As a result, Copernicus and his colleagues were brought to trial (being that there was no separation of church and state). In fact, they received death threats for their friends and family until every single one of them recanted, save Copernicus.

Copernicus was the last to take the stand. After watching his friends and colleagues abandon him out of fear (or mob rule), he too signed the contract recanting his previous stance that the earth moved around the spare his friends and family further persecution.

Though he held the scientific evidence right in his hand, no one would listen, as it threatened the power of the church for anyone to believe anything other than was spoon-fed to them.

It is rumored, however, that even as he signed the papers, he then looked down at the ground, sighed, and whispered "…and yet, it moves…."

As we now know (and Kepler received initial credit for discovering), the earth does indeed move around the sun.

*Sigh*.....And yet it moves, ladies…and it always will. ;)

I am exactly who I seem, btw, including a non-photoshopped picture, weighing in at 107 pounds.

I have a razor-sharp wit and a high IQ, but sometimes I knowingly let my compassion and my hope that people will do the right thing, outweigh that intellect.

Despite being disappointed nearly ever time, particularly here with people who develop 20 characters and act contrary to character when they feel anonymous, I cannot change that fact about myself and I won't....I'm proud of my ability to empathize with human beings, even on the net...which is why I didn't belong here.

The only real protection we have against that sort of "evil" in this world is to resist hatred and bitterness; don't let anyone steal your joy and hope; lest we become just like them or those that call upon them. :)

When my equipment arrives, you may see me show up from time to time, making sure things are okay for you...but I probably won't comment.

Just smile to yourselves and know that in particular, YOU, Ubermouth, made a difference in someone's life....which was originally my goal on the internet before I was attacked. As you know, I was a confidante for many people.:)

The sad thing is that I never would've blown that whistle, had they not attacked me.

You are beautiful, C....and I wish, like you, that I still believed in Karma or God; but I still will not give up my integrity, my values or my empathy, even if I get hurt in the process, because it's simply the right thing to do...which seems to escape so many these days.

Carry on, darlings, and remember...NEVER STOOP to their're better women than that!

Chrystal Smith/Southernspeak4

Amber, Donna, Kit-Cat, Emilio (mentioned here previously)....I love you.:)



Excellent post and writing, Chrys.Also, thank you for the dedication.You're such a gentle and caring soul.

Yess, the ignornce ,blindness,closed mindedness and prejudices of people is a constant that we'll neve get beyond[as humans] as it's what makes humans.
I think most people are too lazy to look beyond and question everything.
But every forerunner in any field has been denigrated,which is a travesty.

I am humbled wen I tink of all the people down through history who suffered immeasurably,even torture, whose views/discoveries we still benefit from.

Humans are the cruelest animal on earth.

I LOVED this post!

Southernspeak4 said...

Thanks, Ubes....high praise, from you.

Now you "git gone," girl, you've fought enough battles this week and I'm sure you're tired from you exhaustive torturing. How many males were castrated this week, dea?


Just two!I've been busy LOL

Southernspeak4 said...

Uberstein, I'm so dissappointed in you, the quota was five and I know you can do better. I think you should start with people from Texas.

Nothing good is white and comes from Texas.