Monday, October 27, 2008

Witch Hunt: Salem 1692 and 2006-2008 on Blogger

This morning, I watched the movie "The Crucible" with Daniel-Day Lewis, Joan Allen, and Winona Ryder. The movie is based on the critically-acclaimed (and historically accurate) play by Arthur Miller, which chronicles the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, and from where we derive the term "witch hunt."

A shameful time in American history, the end result was that 19 innocent people were hanged for "sinful" acts that their accusers were actually guilty of dabbling in, desperately trying to throw suspicion off well as jealousy of the wives of some of the townsmen.

There was absolutely no legitimate or credible proof other than the attention-seeking hysterics, bad-acting, and the word-twisting smear-campaign of the girls involved, along with clearly fabricated evidence and the bullied-into emotional reactions of the victims.

As a result of this proofless "witch hunt," our justice system changed and this sort of thing never happened in America again; however, it DID happen to me (and several other people) in the lawless state that exists on the internet, beginning in 2006.

For me, this movie/play brought back with shocking clarity and familiarity the events which happened on Blogger from January 2006 to March of 2008.

In the end, there were at least 13 people, predominantly women, victimized...six of whom I spoke with personally shortly before leaving... all complaining of similar events...and all of whom were curiously holding the the same small group of IP addresses responsible.

Being as my right-clicked picture attached to fake blogs, yahoo emails, and other accounts/information were now being used to harass other people ( and after a final email warned me to stop blogging) ...I permanently left Blogger on March 28, 2008, to spare others further harassment. I have not touched this blog or email since that day until now.

The third email I had received in this manner since November 2005, this last email was sent by my own account, to myself...only I didn't send it.

The email was confirmed by an IT professional to contain a trojan virus/spyware...the calling card of a hacker.

No one would listen or believe me, and how could I prove it WASN'T me doing it?

It was much like those viruses in the 90s that sent themselves to everyone in your address book that contained porn and you couldn't convince people that you didn't send them, lol...even IT people (often arrogant, God-complex types of people, lol) said it wasn't possible back then....and now we know that not only was it possible...but it became commonplace.

No matter how safe it may feel in the comfort of your own home, the net is THAT dangerous. You reject/block the wrong person or blogging pod and they'll sick a bunch of trolls on you to smear campaign you off, lol. Wow, how desperate some are to hold onto their fantasy lives/false versions of who they are and their 15 minutes of fame...and the internet is the closest some will ever get to fame or an audience, isn't it?

It still amazes me how easily people are fooled and how susceptible they are to the power of suggestion, especially on the internet. Granted, the public at large IS stupid; however, in their defense, those responsible went to sociopathic levels to smear campaign me, afraid I'd tell a few secrets.

How? By right-clicking on my picture and attaching it to fake blogs and commenting crazy shit on other people's blogs, leaving bashing comments right behind me anywhere I'd post, using the FAKE blog with my picture to comment right behind me to create confusion, altering legitimate emails before forwarding them to others, signing my misspelled name to yahoo accounts that I didn't even possess, and finally hacking into my real email and blog accounts.

You...wanted to know. Sorry it sounds crazy, but...truth is stranger than fiction.

It amazes me that even though we all know the dangers on the internet...though we KNOW it's a haven for the unhealthy, hanging out here to avoid who they are in real life/real relationships...though we've read the news that the yahoo emails of someone as well protected as Sarah Palin can be hacked...we still like to believe we're safe because we're sitting in the comfort of our own homes or work.

Worse, when it DOES happen, we STILL blame the victim that he or she must've deserved if anyone deserves that.

My cyberstalking/cyberbullying was begun the same as in all cases of known and proven cases of a man who has now been found to hang out at support groups of vulnerable women (and met his wife this way)...and whose advances I had politely spurned online for years...and whom I finally blocked him after seven requests for naked photos, unequivocally and finally rejecting him in no uncertain terms.

He began contacting everyone from my blog with a false story that I had "borderline personality disorder" and had stalked HIM...which catapulted into an hysterical witch hunt. Suddenly, every little thing I did became some "symptom" of a diagnosis I didn't even have, lol.

He specifically targeted three women who were self-admittedly neurotic/mentally ill and who I had been the confidante of, two of whom were admittedly repeatedly jealous of the attention I was receiving on my blog that they felt they were more deserving of...and more importantly, all of whom I'd blocked after confronting them on private issues after they began to affect me adversely.

The rejected man teamed up with the three women and called upon known "net trolls" or an online fight club (that I was once asked to join and refused) to bully me off blogger, and everyone believed it without any they CREATED proof to justify it.;)

The Fight Club admitted there was no proof and didn't care....they just used the blog gossip to justify bullying people...much like a sociopath throwing a rock off of an overpass onto a freeway, they love to create chaos and finger-pointing fights, then stand back and watch the wreck, laughing.

In the end, those who made the initial accusations still refuse to show any remorse for their actions, refused to take any responsibility for the mass hysteria/chaos they created or that they altered emails, word-twisted and lied... even fabricated evidence completely.

They continued to shift blame and at the very most, blamed others for "influencing" their choices.

They finally claimed that the problem was a disagreement and a "matter of perspective" that I refused to listen to them.

Being I was their one-time confidante, they blamed my private confrontation of their very severe emotional issues to justify their behavior.

Ya know, it's interesting that any of you passive-aggressives that attacked me instead of trying to discuss things with me say that it's ME that wouldn't listen to YOU...

....because not a single one of you even TRIED to tell me directly, email OR blog, until AFTER I was attacked.

It was amazing how many people hopped onto the angry mob with a story, many of you I'd defended when attacked or bullied yourselves.

In fact, not even then. If I showed up even once to find out what the hell was going on, the who's and why's...the lot of you started screaming "stalker" and threatened to shut your blogs down or started posting with the fake ID of me to create confusion.

So no, this situation is NOT a matter of perspective....this was truth vs. lies...and there is no justification for your treatment of another human being like that under any circumstances...none.

In Salem, to this day, the epitaphs of the victims remain in the cemetary where their bodies were literally discarded...their last words proclaiming their innocence.

One reads: "God have mercy on me, I am wholly innocent of this wickedness..."

I still maintain my innocence and that I did nothing more than be your confidante and then confront a few of you, but only when your emotional problems began to affect ME adversely, repeatedly.

In the crucible, as the victims prepared to hang, the last words they uttered were these, the Lord's prayer in unison...

Our father who art in heaven...
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
Forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who have trespassed against us.
Lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,and the power, and the glory...forever and ever...amen."

I forgive you...

Chrystal Smith/Southernspeak4

As for your claims of my mental illness, it can and always could be proven in a court of law that you are lying, as well as that I possess no other mental illness than a trauma reaction based on events in real life, verified by a psychologist with 31 years of experience, Yale graduate.

As for me, I have faith that they WILL be brought to justice, face the actual facts, and I WILL be vindicated. Thanks.:)