Monday, November 10, 2008

Come on, America, You're Better Than This: Stop Wasting Time Finger-Pointing and Just..Fix the Problems

While editing typos in the below post, I overheard a fight between a Dem and a I'd like to leave this final encouragement. :)

This country has become entirely too polarized on these issues and it's clear, neither "side" has all the answers; in fact, it will take a combination of ideas from BOTH parties to find the solution.

This is doing us a great disservice, and we're wasting valuable time playing the "blame-game" and pointing fingers instead of just...fixing the problems.

I've often said that the worst thing the terrorists ever did on 9/11 was shake our faith in this country and each other, dividing us...and we're helping them succeed...and a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Though it's no secret that I'm a fairly liberal Dem, unlike a lot of liberals that claim they are tolerant (but in actuality, refuse to listen to the other side), I actually LISTEN to other viewpoints and concede/agree with Republicans on several issues; one of them being the types of government involvement we allow and how much.

In my opinion, if we'd investigate already-existing government waste and misappropriation of tax funds, we could MORE than accommodate a (limited) health care system for the people of our country without having to raise taxes.

And from a more liberal standpoint, to those who say they don't feel that they should have to pay for others to have healthcare at all?

I say that with leadership comes not only prosperity, but social responsibility. If that doesn't happen due to corporate greed, the government NEEDS to step in.

Conservatives seem to have no problem financing setting up schools and healthcare for the people in Iraq...but they DO have a problem financing healthcare and schools for people in your own country? Hmm.

So what do you say to one of the 30,000 people (and former taxpayers) who just lost their jobs with a major corporation, here in town, due to downsizing or outsourcing, then get a new long-term temporary job with half the pay and no benefits?

"It's not our responsibility?"

Oh really? Whose responsibility is it, then, and what are these people supposed to do for healthcare at half their previous pay?

So much for "trickle-down" economics. Did the 11-billion-dollar profit-per-quarter the oil companies (in which Bush and Cheney were heavily invested) made over the last few years trickle down on us?

So how about this, America...start listening to the validity in points made from "the other side."

It doesn't have to be "either/or" or "black/white."

Can you shed the arrogance and your need to be right in order to fix what's broken?

How about we work harder TOGTHER to find a plan that is PARTIALLY government subsidized/socialized healthcare? Watching the mistakes other countries have made in implementation only puts us at an advantage: We can learn from their mistakes and do our best not to repeat them.;)

As for moral issues such as gay marriage and abortion, I'm sorry; though a (liberal) Christian (and a Theraveda Buddhist), nowhere in the bible did Jesus ever take away anyone's right to free will by law.

In fact, if we read the same bible (and I think we did), Jesus wasn't such a fan of convention, Jewish OR Roman law. He felt these laws were being abused by the greedy hypocrites to oppress the poor and powerless classes. In fact, Jesus' biggest problem was with hypocrites and the greedy; a point that has been completely lost on Christians today.

So if God gave us the right to free will, the right to choose his way or not...who are YOU to take it away?

We ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God, all of us. So worry about your own "sin" instead of trying to control by law the "sin" of other people, especially if it doesn't affect you.

Take the log out of your own eye and stop snap-judging others so harshly without really knowing them (from either party)...and for God's sake, show some Christ-like compassion towards one another for a change.

Come on, America, you're better than this and we're wasting time. If we're ever going to heal and find a resolution to these problems, we have to:

1. Suck it up and quit bitching (especially without offering an alternative solution).

2. Stop playing the blame game/pointing fingers, it doesn't matter now.

3. Take responsibility for mistakes BOTH PARTIES made, as well as allowing certain members of both parties to be held accountable for unethical behavior.

4. Start listening to other points of view than our own.

5. Roll up our sleeves, work together, and just..FIX IT...Jaysoos.:)